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After 10 years of being together, and after making a beautiful baby girl, I figured it's about time I think about getting things together in regards to planning a wedding.

No date set yet, and technically, I've not proposed yet, but, shit, you gotta start somewhere, right?

Well, I'm starting with a Tumblr.

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Livia Suspender High brief - La Lilouche Lingerie

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I say “decide” as though it’s like I have a shortlist of finalists, but I don’t.

So, to re-phrase it…I’m starting to look at suits for my wedding today.

lol Do any guys suits come with built in Spanx? Because my belly isn’t getting any smaller :( 

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 how do you choose a “Best Man” when you’re no longer that close to any of your friends?

They all live in Glasgow or London, and, well, I don’t. And with a 16 month old bubbah who I want to spend all my time with, my social interactions have been….limited.

If we were to go on the idea that you have your best friend as your best man…that would be Katie. Or Sophie. Sad as that sounds.

Fundamentally, raising Sophie is the most important thing I’ve ever going to do. And I do love spending time with her. So, the thought of trekking over an hour ( each way ) up to Glasgow, to spend an evening away from Sophie, doesn’t appeal to who I am these days.

But that doesn’t help my Best Man selection process any.

Not one bit.


We’ve enquired about the costs of the Marryoke team.

I imagine it’s just going to be ridiculously expensive, because they are based in Belfast, so paying travel costs alone will practically shoot it out of our budget :( 


Came in at around 60 guests ( 52, plus spare allowing for people to have babies or to find themselves a serious partner ).

Some facts about this draft:

  • 12 members of said list live in / around London ( Essex counts as London, right? )
  •  We have gone for a strict no “plus one” policy, which is likely to cause some grief
  • We have only invited 9 family members!
  • The most common name of the list is David, with a whopping 3 entries

That said, it’s just a first draft and much may change. We also went and had a look and a talk with a potential venue tonight….

So, keep your calendars clear for 2014